Is chartering the ship the only available way of booking or can individual guests book a cruise as well?

Individual booking is possible just in termins whan we have "Cabin - charter " offers.
However, in most cases groups of friends, families, business partners etc. organize and book a whole boat for them selves.

Is it safe for a baby on board?

That depends on a child and whether they feel comfortable on the ship. So far we have got most wonderful experiences with babies and small children on board. As a safety measure on the ship, the woodwork from the ships hull is raised above the level of the deck and together with the protective fence around the ship provides safety for the children on board.
The main deck often becomes children's "pirate" playground!

Is it possible to charge cell phone, or laptop, or some other type of batteries on the ship , wi-fi?

The boat has 220 V power supply 24 / 7.  Power outlets are installed in every cabin, WC facilities and also in dinning saloon. We provide you whit free wi-fi internet conection.  

Are there towels in the cabins?

Each passenger is provided with two towels for personal use , one big and one small towels. We change them once in the midlle of the week.  You have to bring your own towels for bathing .

Is sleeping on the deck allowed?

Yes, and it is the most wonderful experience. For those who prefer sleeping in the open we suggest bringing a sleeping bag, since it is not allowed to take sheets, covers or pillows from the cabins to the deck.

Is it possible to spend a night in the open in bays where the boat is anchored?

This way you can experience the unique touch of nature by the seaside. Of course, the weather conditions must be suitable for this venture and the captain must approve, as the port must be well protected.

Is it possible to change the cruise route?

The routes presented here are only our suggestion of cruise. They can be altered in accordance to your wishes. You just have to consult with the captain regarding the changes and make your own route!
In periods when we have "Cabin charter", we keep the schedule.

Is it too hot to sleep in cabins?

All the cabins are air - conditioned and very pleasant for sleep.

What exactly do half board and full board include?

Half board includes breakfast and lunch and if you book a full board you get breakfast, lunch and dinner.
For breakfast we serve tea, milk, coffee, pastry, and various dairy products with different additions every day, such as eggs, ham, hot dogs, cheese etc. Lunch starts with a soup, that the main course, salad and dessert  , for dinner we have main course with salad and dessert.

What kind of food is usually prepared?

Dalmatian specialties, fresh vegetables, meat, grilled fish or any other custom made meals according to your wishes.

Do you prepare vegetarian food?

We are sure you will enjoy the vegetarian specialties our cook has to offer. You just have to inform the crew and the chef when you come aboard, so that they can accommodate your wishes

How much does the drink at the bar cost?

Tap Beer 0.5 l 18 kn ... Wine 90 kn - 220 Kn ... Fruit juice 12 kn - 15 kn ... Liqueurs  12 kn ...Coktails 35 - 50 kn   

What does drink - include option include ?

Drink - include option includes no limits of domestic alcohol drinks , wine , beer , soft drinks , coffe , tea , water...

How much time a day do passengers have for swimming?

In periods when we offer "Cabin charter" , we hold on pre - agreed routeand you have 4 - 5 hours of swimming daily.
In case you book a whole boat , it depends on your preferences and then you agree upon with the captain. If you wish to spend more time swimming and enjoying the sea we suggest that you choose a shorter route.
For example: we can start off with breakfast before sailing out, than an hour or two of sailing to near by bay where you can enjoy the sea, after that the lunch is served, than again we sail out to the next bay, where you can take a swim in the afternoon after which we can head to the choosen port for the night.